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🢒🢒 Eric

Apparently he was in a situation like this even before he got here. And she thought her luck was bad... Just like her, he's looking to reunite with important friends. Because of that, she wants to help him if she can. It sounds like whatever he's been through was just as dangerous as what the Phantom Thieves were doing.
🢒🢒 Fie Claussell

She seems like she has an "explosive" personality, which is fun in Futaba's book. But Fie was soft with her during Yusuke's trial and she was grateful for that. Besides-- girl appreciates ice cream and is willing to work with her to get it. These are the kinds of hijinks Futaba lives for and honestly is really grateful for in times like this.
⚠ Gaignun Kukai Jr.

It feels like she's finally getting to see some of his more emotive sides. And it feels like they have some things in common which is honestly pretty cool. Futaba feels like she understands him a little and to her he's become something like a brother figure. She knows she can trust him and feels comforted by his presence. He stood by her during the second trial when she felt shaky. If there's one person here she'd follow unconditionally, it's this guy.
🢒🢒 Harley Quinn

Futaba feels guilty for thinking she was responsible for killing Laslow even if she doesn't really know the woman that well. It was unfortunate... when she died... Futaba can't help but feel like it was unfair.
🢒🢒 Killua Zoldyck

This kid has seen some shit, even she can tell. She's really grateful that he covered her eyes when Yusuke died... He also has a sweet side to him. Having him deliver Rubedo's note when she was cooped up after that trial helped her realize that.
💔 Laslow

Okay. He might mean well, but this guy is DEFINITELY guilty of laying it on thick. Still not convinced he's not some kind of secret pervert. ...but he's dead no, so she's probably never going to find out. It's... upsetting.

They've both cheered each other up now. There's something really comforting about his quiet voice. And his music is beautiful. When she got drunk, he did the dad-like thing and stopped her, got her some water... It's a nice feeling but-- it also makes her miss Sojiro more.

This guy's kinda weird, but she can't say he's a bad guy or anything. He's lazy and the way he seems to fight like he doesn't care if he dies scares her-- But she really didn't want to have to see him die like that. He helped them survive, so to have something like that happen...
💀 Papyrus

Code name PuzzleMaster. He doesn't seem like a Shadow, but he's definitely the furthest thing from normal. He's pretty much constantly at 1000% volume. But he's a good guy and probably the closest thing to a friend she has here without Yusuke. Although he can be reckless and make her worry, there's never a dull moment with this guy. Admittedly, he's her top pick for an investigation partner if she had to have one.
❀ Raphtalia

Cute raccoon girl? Talks about crystal balls and doesn't really know much of anything about technology-- although she does seem to know what computer games are at least. But she knows magic and that's really cool. They both found bodies on the second week and shared an equally rattled moment when they ran into each other and shared that information.
🎨 Yusuke Kitagawa

Code name Fox. At least she seems to remember him. But he seems to be missing a large chunk of his memories. Not just of helping her, but of stopping Kaneshiro too. It's super frustrating. But troublesome as Inari is, she's going to watch out for him until she can help find a way to get his memories back. He's gone... That pain won't be going away any time soon.
🢒🢒 ????

🢒🢒 ????

🢒🢒 ????

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